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Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – ARDSNet experiment criticized – OHRP Fri, 28 Feb 2003 An Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS) study conducted between 1996 and 1999, on critically ill patients at 20 medical facilities (14 major research centers belonging to the ARDS Network), was published in The New England Journal […]

Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome – ARDSNet experiment criticized – OHRP

THE ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION (AHRP) New York, NY 10023 212-595-8974 July 29, 2002 Greg Koski, MD, Ph.D. Office of the Secretary Office of Public Health and Science Office of Human Research Protection The Tower Building 1101 Wooten Parkway, Suite 200 Rockville, MD 20852 RELATED PAGES OHRP Investigation of […]

AHRP Letter of complaint to Dr. Greg Koski

Dr. Meryl Nass, a member of the board of directors of The Alliance for Human Research Protection (AHRP), is an acknowledged expert on anthrax, biological terrorism, and is a US authority on adverse reactions due to the anthrax vaccine. Dr. Nass has been a leading opponent of U.S. military policies that continue to treat military servicemembers as a ready pool of experimental subjects, in the absence of meaningful informed consent.

Dr. Nass will be appeaing on several national and international TV and radio programs:

Media interviews Dr. Meryl Nass re: anthrax vaccine and anthrax ...

In her letter in the July issue of Emergency Medicine News (below) Dr. Meryl Nass cites a body of evidence linking the anthrax vaccine with systemic adverse medical reactions, and 100,000 to possibly 200,000 veterans who suffered adverse reactions. Dr. Nass says that financial interests are propelling the government's anthrax vaccination programs and that to protect the government from liability, the Department of Defense has adopted a policy of classifying vaccines, and omitting information about them from troops' immunization records.

Anthrax Vaccine Not Safe and Effective – Emergency Medicine News

Dr. Meryl Nass

An estimated 500,000 first responders, lab and hospital workers will receive smallpox vaccine, the DHHS announced yesterday.

This is an interesting announcement, because to my knowledge there exist no FDA-licensed smallpox vaccines.

There are three vaccine candidates whose safety and efficacy are uncertain at this time.

The first vaccine made available was Wyeth's Dryvax, which was pulled out of storage after approximately thirty years.

Critique: U.S. to Vaccinate 500,000 Workers Against Smallpox