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New York Times columnist, Paul Krugman, got it right!

The real story behind the crisis at Merck, the Cleveland Clinic, and the medical industrial complex as a whole "is bigger than either the company or the clinic. It's the story of how growing conflicts of interest may be distorting both medical research and health care in general."

Drugs, Devices & Doctors – NYT Paul Krugman

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Slide 2: I'll begin with the President's New Freedom Commission on Mental Health[1] recommendation to screen the US population for mental illness - 52 million children first. In no other democratic country has the government adopted a policy to screen the population for presumed, undetected, mental illness. The rationale behind this mind-boggling Orwellian nightmare is not improving mental health, but rather increasing life-long consumers of psychoactive drugs and to control behavior. Two NFC recommendations are designed to do just that. TeenScreen is promoted as a suicide prevention model when it in fact, increases the number of children labeled suicidal and depressed.

National Plan for Universal Mental Health Screening:A Pharma Friendly Remedy ...

Gov Accountability Project Creates “FactSquad” on Rx Drugs December 11, 2005 In the wake of the credibility crisis public trust in the safety of FDA-approved prescription drugs is eroded. The Government Accounability Project (GAP) has established a “Fact Squad” to challenge poor performance; in particular,  FDA’s failure to protect the […]

Gov Accountability Project Creates "FactSquad" on Rx Drugs

Study found: older patients risk death on BOTH old and new Antipsychotics Thu, 01 Dec 2005 Elderly patients prescribed antipsychotics–old neuroleptics (such as Haldol) or the new antipsychotics (such as Zyprexa or Risperdal)–were at increased risk of death. The risk for the older drugs is estimated to be 17.9%  and […]

Study found: older patients risk death on BOTH old and ...