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Doctors Without Borders: Why you can’t trust medical journals anymore Thu, 6 May 2004 Shannon Brownlee’s article in The Washington Monthly documents how conflicts of interest in medical research affect the integrity of research reports. Hear an interview with Shannon Brownlee on NPR at: The article, Doctors Without Borders, […]

Doctors Without Borders: Why you can't trust medical journals anymore

Not-So-Public-Relations: Drug Industry & Bioethics – is it casuistry or sophistry? Fri, 19 Dec 2003 Carl Elliott is a clear eyed academic who teaches bioethics at the University of Minnesota . He is currently a visiting associate professor at School of Social Sciences at the Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton. […]

Not-So-Public-Relations: Drug Industry & Bioethics – is it casuistry or ...

Dr. Sanghavi provides us with a statistical reality-check by which to gauge for ourselves whether or not we should--or need not--take a  octor's advice about starting a medical treatment for a speculated risk--rather than evidence of illness.

Pediatric Cardiologist Explains: The crucial health stat you've never heard ...

Big Pharma by Jacky Law reveals that in essence, most of the pharmaceutical industry's claims are false; it is not the drug, but the placebo effect whose potency deserves almost all of the credit for any health improvement:

Big Pharma: The Fool's Gold that Heals_New Book

The Columbia lecture was originally scheduled as a debate between David Healy, MD and James Coyne, PhD. The debate did not take place, and Dr. Coyne subsequently lectured in Rutgers the following week. The lecture covered the main points Dr. Coyne makes in the e-mail below. Dr. Healy’s response follows. […]

Ethics, Conflict of Interest, first ever public response by David ...

Conflict of Interest: Profits vs Safety Congressional Investigations US Senators Pharmaceutical industry holdings, 2004: Oct 12: How Did the Vioxx Debacle Happen? USA Today / Lancet Oct 4: Op Ed: Psychiatry on the Ropes–WP / Evidence-based Psychiatry Oct 3: BBC PANORAMA TONIGHT – Taken on Trust – 13 years-Medical […]

Conflict of Interest

Dr. Carl Elliott's insightful essay in SLATE:: Why do drug companies want to give money to bioethicists in the first place? In the public relations business, this approach is called "third-party strategy."

How the Drug Industry Is Branding Itself With Bioethics

Presented by Vera Hassner Sharav
14th Tri-Service Clinical Investigation Symposium
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The cornerstone of public trust in medical research is the integrity of academic institutions and the expectation that universities, which rely on public funding, have a responsibility to serve the public good. Financial conflicts of interest affect millions of American people - those who are subjects of clinical trials testing new drugs and those who are prescribed drugs after their approval.

Conflicts of Interest in Clinical Trials