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AHRP Speaks Out AHRP Press Briefing 9/14/04: Antidepressants & suicide-related risks for children Open Letter to NIMH re Prozac & Concealed Suicide Attempts Open Letter to Officials at NIMH AHRP Briefing 2/2/04: Scientists present suicide evidence Conflicts of Interest policy – New York Times Phase I Drug Trials Used Foster […]

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ALLIANCE FOR HUMAN RESEARCH PROTECTION* (AHRP) April 10, 2000 Gary Ellis, Ph.D, Director Michael A. Carome, M.D. Chief Compliance Oversight Branch Division of Human Subject Protections Office of Protection from Research Risks Rockville, MD 20892-7507 Re: High Risk Experiment With Children Who Have No Medical Diagnosis Dear Dr. Ellis & […]

Yale Complaint

IOM Committee Considers Prison Research Sun, 24 Jul 2005 Today┬╣s New York Times Magazine cover story, Planet of the Retired Chimpanzees By CHARLES SIEBERT, reports that chimpanzees who have served as subjects in biomedical research can look forward to being set free in one of 12 specially built chimp sanctuaries […]

IOM Committee Considers Prison Research

Recent developments in gene transfer research: risk and ethics Mon, 10 Jan 2005 An analysis by Dr. Jonathan Kimmelman, in the British Medical Journal provides an illuminating, clearly articulated discussion about the ethical dilemmas that challenge gene transfer experiments – essentially a kind of human genetic engineering involving somatic cells, […]

Recent developments in gene transfer research: risk and ethics

Ethics of ARDS lung experiment debated Fri, 18 Jul 2003 Dear Dr. Campbell and others concerned about ethical research: This is in response to your July 11 comments objecting to AHRP’s criticism of the ethics of two controversial ARDS experiments sponsored by the National Heart Lung and Blood Institute conducted […]

Ethics of ARDS lung experiment debated

Alliance for Human Research Protection in the Press Feb 17, 2005: FDA Critics Slam Plan for Safety Reform – Nature “This is smoke and mirrors and musical chairs,” says Vera Sharav, president of the New York-based Alliance for Human Research Protection. “They will be using the very same officials that […]

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Someone Tell Brooke Shields the Truth!! Mon, 4 Jul 2005 On this American independence day, thousands of families strive for drug free schools–and they’re not worrying about illegal drugs, their main concern is coercive prescribed amphetamines and other mind-altering psychotropic drugs. Other than the critical reaction of actor Tom Cruise, […]

Someone tell Brooke Shields the truth!!